Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, it is worth the investment. This is a great toy. Well made, great interior feel, very tight at first but relaxes a bit (which is good.) Very large and heavy, solid TPR/TPE, no nasty silicone smell or evidence of pthalates. Angles are perfect for missionary or standing. Separate tunnels with unique sensations in each (both are quite good.) Order it! You won’t be disappointed! Discreet packaging, super fast shipping! I’ll buy another doll from them in the future for sure.

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Is recommended?

Yes, 100% recommended. 20 Stars!! The head is a pure work of art. Very realistic face very vivid, golden ratio, feel sexier to wear clothes, the point is that the vaginal is very realistic, like real people. The feet and toes are perfect, unlike some dolls that have feet that look like they are an afterthought. I couldn’t be happier with this a vendor. In a rating scale of one to ten stars, both get my rating of 20 stars!!!

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